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Hotel in Mongolia
Khan Shonkhor-2 Hotel (Zamiin-Uud-Dornogobi)
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Location: City Center (3km), Dornogobi
Address: Zamiin-Uud town, Dornogobi province, Mongolia
Hotel Map: See the hotel location on the map
Hotel Description

The Dornogobi province received 10208 foreign and 24850 local tourists in 2010 according to Nature and Toursim agency of Dornogobi. There is a tendency, Sainshand city will be developed as a Mongolian biggest industrial center just in few years, so tourism will be develop following it. The first proof of it is 7 storied luxury hotel Dornogobi which was built in 2009. There are 39 hotels and motels Dornogobi in 4 towns such Airag, Dalanjargalan, Erdene, sainshans and Zamiin Uud. The Donrnogobi hotels are Shand plaza hotel, Od hotel, Khan shonkhor hotel, Jintin hotel, Ayanchin hotel, Nomgon hotel and Jim hotel etc..,From them 19 of them are Zamiin- Uud Hotels. The Zamiin-uud is a town which border with China. Dornogobi hotels facilities are VIP room, billiard, sauna, massage, beauty salon, karaoke, pub and restaurants.

The**Khan Shonkhor hotel-2 was built in 2003 in Zamiin-Uud town in Dornogobi province. The hotel rated as 2 star hotel in July, 2007. The Khanshonkhor-2 hotel has 14 rooms and 2 restaurants. 23 staffs work in this hotel and 4 of them are receptions. It is located behind the central Khan bank in Zamiin-Uud.

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Mongolian Online Hotels Network has been working with Mongolia Hotels since June, 2009. The hotel number is increasing every year and today there are more than 300 hotels in Mongolia. From them, 50 hotels of Mongolia have rated with 1-5 star and almost all of best rated hotels are in capital Ulan-Bator. The capital Ulaanbaatar and countryside 45 hotels have joined with Mongolia Hotels and it is included cheap Mongolia hotels, budget countryside hotels and luxury Ulan-Bator hotels. The Ulaanbaatar hotels are 20 and Mongolia countryside hotels are 23 in our joined Mongolia Hotels. From Ulaanbaatar hotels, there are 5 star 2 hotel, 4 star 4 hotels, 3 star 14 hotels, and not yet rated 2 hotels on Mongolian Online Hotel Network.
Countryside hotels have been joining with us Mongolia Hotels booking since November 2010. Mongolia countryside hotels are from 21 aimags (provinces), such as Arkhangai, Gobi-Altai, Bayan-Ulgii, Darkhan-Uul, Dornod, Dornogobi, Khentii, Khovd, Khuvsgul, Orkhon-Uul, Selenge, Sukhbaatar, Uvs, Uvurkhangai and Zavkhan. Among the joined Mongolia countryside hotels, there are 2 star 1 hotel, 1 star 1 hotel and other local hotels are not yet rated.

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